Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I'm bored. Which is probably the last thing that you want to hear. Because bad things happen when I get bored. I log on to Blogger. And I start writing something. Then something horrible happens. Like this:

I feel a bit of guilt, yes, knowing that every time I write, something explodes. But I must do it. I got to write. I suppose it is some sort of pathological problem. I should prolly see a therapist.
So yes, I'm bored. Which is weird, considering I have a million things to do that would make me not-bored. Though, that isn't entirely true. I used to tell my parents that I was bored, then they'd give me schoolwork to do, or make me clean something up, which really makes no sense at all. I suppose it does, in their minds, but for some reason there are just somethings that one can do that are boring. Can you be bored while doing something? Can you be entertained by doing nothing? Maybe. Let's test that theory:

See how I did that? I made you do nothing. You were doing absolutely nothing that you don't normally do. Your eyes were functioning normally, yet you were entertained. By doing nothing. I mean, how flippin awesome is that? Makes me happy.
There is hope! I am not bored anymore! I have entertained myself by doing absolutely nothing, which was just as amazing as doing something. Even better, because I didn't have to do anything.
I just wasted several seconds of your life. I feel powerful.

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