Monday, October 6, 2008

The Return

Yeah, I'm back. Was I missed? Maybe. Maybe not.
Yeah, there were reasons for me being gone. Bad reasons? Maybe. Maybe not.
Yeah, these past couple months have been horrendously painful. Is it for the best? You know the answer.
But I am here, now, which is all that matters. Let the past be the past, forget about the future, live in the present.
Yeah, I have a story. Perhaps, one day, it will be told. But now is not the time. For it is a sad story, one of broken dreams and shattered expectations.
But I am here, now.
I'm baaaack.


Elizabeth said...

He has returned! Let the men take up their trumpets and proclaim that the Lord of Randominity is back!! Welcome back Cree, your random thoughts have been much missed.

interfect said...

So, you're "back".

-the batman, to green lantern.

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