Friday, November 21, 2008


So check this out:
I'm a lefty. Which, at times, can be a bit difficult, to be truthful. For example, sitting next to a righty at a dinner table is a little awkward (bumping elbows isn't fun), and whenever I go up to a white board I have to position myself in a strange way so that other people can see my writing. I can't use scissors, which sucks. But being a lefty has its perks.
Yay! Scholarships for lefties!
We have our own day...
And, we're just smarter.
So take that, world. Once again, a minority has owned you. Literally.


Elizabeth said...

Lol...I have fond memories of doing math speed drills while sitting next to a lefty...we spent more concentration shoving each other's elbows back to their own side of the table than on the actual math work ;)
I am not a lefty...but still look up to them in awe, for as my grandfather says, "Only left-handed people are in their right mind."
(Hopefully you get this...but if not...your hands, feet, eyes, etc. are controlled by the opposite side of your left handed people's hands are controlled by the right side of their mind."

interfect said...

"Once again, a minority has owned you."

Still haven't beaten the azns cree. you white people should work on that.

Elizabeth said...

Asians. Are. Awesome. And I am so totally stoked to finally have been granted a little bit of Asian powers by my 1/2 Asian friend Kaylee Wan.
Weird thing...we have at least 6 families at our church with half Asian kids. There Asians definitely aren't a minority.

interfect said...

"Asians definitely aren't a minority".

China, the world's greatest Chinese producer. Over 700 billion sold since 1876.


danielle marie. said...


although i must say, im a righty..sorry

TheCree said...

Haha besides Tim I'm not white.

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