Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nu Musik

Aight peeps, here's some new music for your listening pleasure (look to the right, scroll down, press play). First, Flyleaf and "Cassie." Honestly, I have never really enjoyed female lead vocalists, but Flyleaf takes it to a new level. They pretty much rock.
Next, Disciple and "Southern Hospitality." Disciple's new album came out a couple of months ago, and, though they took things in a different direction, it still was a hit. "Southern Hospitality" delivers some decidedly awesome southern riffs.
Third on the list we have 3 Doors Down and "Kryptonite," which is just plain old awesome.
Fourth, Oasis. Ok, ok, yes it is an overplayed and over used song, but seriously, it's just that good.
And *yay* Jack Johnson. What's he doing with these hard rockers? Meh, he can hang. "Times Like These" is pretty sweet.

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Anonymous said...

I like the nu musik :)

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