Saturday, March 14, 2009


So I got up at 6:30 on my Saturday, my only day to sleep in, to go take some tests for four hours. It was awesome.
Or not.
Meh I did alllright. But I signed a paper thing and can't tell you anything about it. It was aight though.
Anyways about the poll...apparently "dancing" is winning with two votes, but the populace seems to be split over the other options. Turns out the atomic mass of NaCl really has no relevance to anything and no one would ever use it in an everyday situation. Piano is cool...but takes dedication. The meaning of life is important ha...but idk.
Dancing takes two.
Will it be you?


Sarah said...

Yeah Saturdays are my only day to sleep in too, but I don't know what you're talking about cuz don't you get up at 8 on regular days? not a bad time to wake up
and Cree, you should know the meaning of life already, to live for Jesus and tell everyone about Him....

Cree said...

Hm interesting. We are called to be like Jesus, right? Yet Jesus did not live for Himself. He lived for others, and, ultimately, to glorify His Father in Heaven. So is our purpose here to live for Jesus, or something higher?

Lilz said...

Wait, so are you really colorblind???

Cree said...

Really really.

Lilz said...

How? And why did you never tell me this? Is it hereditary?

Cree said...

Read my newest blog post ;)

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