Monday, March 30, 2009


So I feel that the results of the poll must be explained. Heather was the only one that voted that my taste in music is terrible (cheater, she voted twice), and she only did so because I despise the Jonas Brothers. Yeah. Try and figure that one out.
As far as I know, disliking the Jonas Brothers actually makes my taste in music that much better. So there.


Anonymous said...

Hey I was only gonna vote once...cuz I saw it and it cracked me up...but then the first time I clicked it it said it didn't work so I clicked it again and apparently it worked both times.

Lilz said...

Your disliking the Jonas Brothers DOES make your taste in music astoundingly good...which is what I voted, btw.

Tim said...

excellent deductions, watson.

Anonymous said...

By the way Cree you can't get mad at me for cheating cuz you do it all the time on my polls so there! And I only cheated by ACCIDENT!!!

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