Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sphringh Braik

Mis amigos,

I am so glad that spring break has now struck the county known as Orange. I'm basically sick of school and ready for it to be over...so I guess a week of doing nothing will have to do. But anyways, on Sunday I went and played ultimate frisbee with a bunch of peeps from Kingsfield. It was freaking epic, and we totally pwned. On Monday (yesterday), Collin came over and we jammed and played some Wii, which was also pretty dang legit. Today was ok...we had to go to a church in RSM because my little bros are doing standardized testing and I had to man the snack table (which meant getting up at 7:00am. AHHH). And now I'm sitting here, blogging. Sorry if I'm a bore. Deal with it.



Heather said...

Hey you're not that boring :) I've done a whole lot of NOTHING this spring break. Which I am absolutly loving. I wish spring break was a month long. Or it should be like the whole season of spring. But we should still get the whole summer time off. Better yet can school be over for good? Wow this is the longest comment ever.

danielle marie. said...

1. your blog titles are always the most random freakin things! and I can't even read them sometimes!! haha
2. spring break is great, don't you love having a week of nothing to do?

Heather said...

Yes!!!! I love doing nothing Danielle!! It's one of my favorite things!!!

danielle marie. said...

heather, yesterday I did absolutely nothing. I stayed in my pajamas all. day. long. Frankie came over at like 4:30 and we made cookies. that was the most I did yesterday. ahhhh it was so good. :)

Heather said...

Danielle: Yesterday I actually did a lot. But today I stayed in bed till eleven thirty and I'll probly be in my pajamas all day long too. I have NOTHING planned (not even cookies)and it is AWESOME!!!!!

Cree said...

Haha I love how my blog has turned into Heather-Danielle chat page.

Heather said...

haha you know it brother!
My word verification: paillit Like pail lit Like the pail is lit :) I found it amusing

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