Sunday, September 27, 2009

45 Tesla

So my church is moving. We had been at this building in Irvine for seven years, I think, and I've been a part of it since I was 11 years old. You can imagine the part that it has played in my life. I was there every Wednesday and Sunday that it was physically possible. I never *ever* missed a day because I wanted to.

Such is the draw of our church: God's call placed on my life.

I grew up there. I laughed there. I hurt there. I cried there. I loved there. I found God there.

But most of all, I lived there.

And now, that has become a thing of the past.

Sometimes we struggle with this issue of place. Some believe that the church is a place where you go to learn about God, but we know this is untrue. Believers associate everywhere with each other, and God may be praised from every corner of this Earth.

The building, then, has no significance other than what is attached to it.

It is not what it is, but what it symbolizes.

We, as humans, need to associate feelings with certain places. And I have a feeling, and a memory about said feeling, associated with every room in that building.

I remember...

Finding God.

The joy of seeing others find God.

The breaking of my heart, as whispering voices cried out to Him during prayer.


Being called on to the worship team (thank you, Troy Myer, for seeing me drumming on the back of a seat during worship and getting me involved).

Practicing countless sets with Frankie and Colton (both of whom, I look up to as musicians and am proud to call my friends).

Being part of the cool group. Timmy, David, Jeremy Kaplan and I. Later on, James French, Chris Lee and Josh Weismann would join us.

Having a crush on this really cute girl from 5th grade to 8th grade. I never told her, but she always knew :)

Turbulent times in Jr High. Thank you Keith Mallos for being my mentor and leader during this time. We all missed ya when you left ;)

Prayer and praise nights at the Mallos' home.

The countless friends I have made there.

With that...I might as well name some of the people that had a hand in shaping me into the person I am today...friends.

(In chronological order, or, as best as I can).

1. Alex Nogy
2. Amanda and David Vaughn
3. Stacia McNiff
4. Timmy Myer
5. James French
6. Josh Weismann
7. Jeremy Kaplan
8. Chris Lee
9. Miss Candence (Dicipleship group leader)
10. Mr Jim and Miss Michelle
11. Miss Debbie
12. Caleb
13. Lilia
14. Cecilia Melody
15. Stacy
16. Keith Mallos

High School
17. Jono and Simone
18. Troy Myer
19. Frankie Nilon
20. Colton Kubisak
21. Matt Bockhan
22. Collin Mayjack
23. Heather & Bethany Wangler
24. Anahi
25. Lil' Sarah :)
26. Tums
27. Jordan
28. Stu
29. Emily
30. Stephen
31. Danielle
32. Tate
34. Cameron
35. Etc, etc, ad infinitum


Yeah, right? All people I've met or come to know, that were or have become my friends at Calvary Laguna/KFC. I love every single one of you guys.

The building means a lot to me. The memories...

Alex and I went into just about every room, and I had a memory for every one. It came over me like a flood as our worship leader had us stand for the last song in that building. And I was pretty darn sad.

But the building is a part of my past now, a monument to the work that God has done in my life and in the lives of countless others. It has been His temple; a place where He was glorified and will continue to be glorified.

I do not, therefore, look back out of desire to return to the past, to change things, to relive things, but out of a desire to remind myself where I have been. For how can we know where we are going, if we have forgotten where our footsteps have taken us?

45 Tesla is in the past, now. I remember it to the glory of God, but now look to the future, with hope, knowing that greater things have yet to be done in Kingsfield Church.

Wherever you are lead, remember where you came from, but realize that living today for tomorrow is our calling as Christians: to have eternal perspective.

Worshiping God in spirit and in truth,


Monday, September 14, 2009

Ah, sweet summer

So summer is over, and I begin my senior year.

So many things have been on my mind lately. I would love to write a full blog about each of them, but I'll spare you guys and give you the highlights.

Things on Cree's mind:

**Retaking SAT to up math score.
**Studying for SAT
**Financial aid
**Letters of recommendation
**Getting a job

--Senior year
**Senior trip
**Maintaining my 4.0

**The move
**Worship team
**Getting fed
**Final winter-summer camps
**Becoming a leader, soon

**Love vs. "in love"
**Waiting for love
**Loving rightly
**"Hold(ing) on to what we've got."
**Being "above reproach"
**Is this the end?

--Life, in general
**Living in the moment
**1 Peter 1
**Matthew 6
**1 Thess. 5
**1 Cor. 15:10
**2 Cor. 5
**Rom. 8

My mind is full.

But this verse gives me strength to continue on, regardless of what my mind is full of at any given time:

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you" (Matt 6:33)

Seeking first the kingdom,


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