Tuesday, May 11, 2010


April showers bring May flowers,
And June is not for cowards.

So May is here. School is winding down. NITOC is still at the end of May, but that's gonna be more fun that anything. I sort of look at May as a month in passing. Why? Well probably because June is right around the corner, lurking like a trained lion that could either want to frolic like a big cat or bite my head off.

Aww! It's riding a horse! OR IS IT?!

"So what's coming up in June, Cree?" You ask with waning curiosity.
"Shut it, I'm writing a blog," I reply, and continue to type furiously.
June? Oh, I'm just turning 18. Which, in of itself, is kind of a big deal. Eighteen is sort of the coming of age age around here. Although that doesn't make any sense because I can't buy alcohol yet. Which, you know, is all I really want to do when I'm old enough anyways.

Brush my teeth with a bottle o' Jack.

But seriously. Eighteen. I'll be old enough to vote. And fight for my country. And be put in jail. And be a MAN.
Though, in all honesty, I don't feel ready to be a man. For one thing I can't grow a beard.
Though I do have flannel shirts.

And for another thing I really don't want to have so many responsibilities. I can't really even keep up with the minimal things I have to do anyways. I feel fully incapable of taking the proverbial ax to the tree, lumberjack style. I need to find a job. Which I have yet to do. This economy is retarded.

Being 18 must either be harder than people make it out to be, or I'm just blowing things out of proportion. But this seems to be the one birthday that actually matters, not only to me, but to the State. I suppose that's why I'm so apprehensive.

AHH! Which button do I press??? Being an adult IS HARD!

In any event, there's that. The being 18 thing. Also I'm graduating in June. Add that to the list of potentially lion-infuriating events.

A senior! BITE HIS FACE!

Ok, so yeah I'm gonna be a college person now. High school has come and gone. Lots of memories. So many. But it's all over and gone. And it's taking some of my most cherished possessions with me: my safety bubble. Because I'm just a homeschooler. And sure, I've been a bit shielded by design from this world. Not only that, but I am familiar with the people involved in it and the things requested of me.

But all that's gone now. And I'm going to have to grow up. That's probably what this post is actually about (how bout that...I don't even know what I'm saying at this point :P): the fact that in June, I have to grow up.

Basically this.

And growing up is a really hard and scary thing. For one, I've never done it before. For two, some people never do it, and I've seen how they've turned out.

In reality, I have no choice. Because of the call that God has placed on my life, I have to grow up. I can either do that or I can give up on life.

Grow up or give up. That's the choice come June.

So be praying.


Monday, April 26, 2010


Dear Blog,
I have forsaken you too long. I can't ignore you like this; it's not good for me or you. Sometimes I just get too busy with life and stuff. So I'm sorry. Maybe I should come back.

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